Autumn Quarter '06

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2006 Autumn Quarter (Updated 11.09.06)

MSCOPE group at SciTech, October 8th, 2006

Autumn Projects:

Introduction to museum practices and exhibit interpretation

I. Design and carry out an evaluation at MSI

Evaluation Project Assignment
Evaluation Project List

    Milena, Roscoe, Keith:           Mindball Report
    Melanie, Mary:                       Material Wall Report
    Milena, Roscoe:                     Stem Cell Report

II. Design a label for a SciTech exhibit

Develop, prototype & evaluate interpretive labels for SciTech exhibits
Interpretive label Assignment

Label Make-over:
    Keith: Magnetic induction           Label-1 Label-2 Label-3
                                                      Title   Expl -1   Expl -2

    Milena: Laser figures                 Label   Layout

    Roscoe: Water Tower                 Background Label Image Text

    Melanie: Wind Power Fans         Intro Label 1 Label 2 Layout

    Mary: Standing Sound waves     Labels Diagram Label Report

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