MSCOPE 2005-2006

Final Projects

Through the year we formed groups of two to three interns from different disciplines to work on a particular project. Following are the result of the academic year 05-06.

Baby chicks

Developing team: Elisabeth Montegna, Mary Leighton, Brent Sackris
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

Chicken embryos provide a very good model to observe embryonic development. Since chickens lay eggs instead of giving live birth, it is easy to access embryos at many stages of development and this makes them excellent both for teaching and scientific research. more...

GeoWall - StarFlight

Developing team: Tim Donaghy, Keith Vanderlinde, Stacy Willis, Nicholas Schwarz
Coach: Brenda López Silva, James Sweitzer

The program is formatted for both guided constellation tours and manually-controlled free flight, allowing the user to interact at multiple levels dependent on their own interest. Star Flight has been widely and enthusiastically enjoyed for its combination of user control, appealing visuals, and intriguing yet factual balance of science and mythology within the narration.more...

Podcasting - Energy

Developing team: Chaz Shapiro, Pablo Orozco, Yusra Alsayyad
Coach: James Sweitzer, Brenda López Silva

Chaz and Yusra react to the Energy Lab exhibit at MSI and interview two scientists about the nature of energy. This program is casual and spontaneous like a morning radio show. more...

Podcasting - U-505 at MSI

Developing team: Pablo Orozco, Yusra Alsayyad, Chaz Shapiro
Coach: James Sweitzer, Brenda López Silva

Pablo and Carla discuss the history of the U505 exhibit and get reactions from other MSCOPErs. Chaz also chats with MSI visitors as they exit the exhibit. This program uses a documentary style.

GeoWall - Interactive Sound

Developing team: Nicholas Schwarz, Stacy Willis, Keith Vanderlinde, Tim Donaghy
Coach: Brenda López Silva, James Sweitzer

Interactive Sound is an interactive, virtual-reality exhibit. It aims at conveying the nature of sound in addition to frequency as one of its properties using a tangible interface. The user has the ability to control a sound wave, changing the visual wave display and accompanying sound in variation according to frequency.more...

Playing with Electricity

Developing team: Mary Leighton, Keith Vanderlinde
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

This exhibit introduces a basic understanding of simple electric circuits, allowing children to learn through engaging in open-ended experimentation.
Aimed at young children (under 12 years old), and stationed at SciTech, the exhibit is based around building simple electric circuits using wires, a battery, and elementary electrical 'units'.more...

Painting with Light

Deveoloping team: Glenna Smith, Anthony Todd
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

We designed and constructed a hands-on, interactive exhibit about fluorescence and astronomy. Housed in a small kiosk, the exhibit invites visitors to "draw" on glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a light pen. Visitors interact with the exhibit, causing the material to fluoresce. Our exhibit tries to explain two interconnected ideas: how glow-in-the-dark material works and how this relates to similar phenomena that occur in glowing nebulae. Visitors are asked to experiment and learn for themselves. more...

The power of wind

Developing : Alessandra Conversi
Coach: Carina Eizmendi, Brenda López Silva

This hands-on exhibit is meant to demonstrate how wind power, a source of renewable energy, can be used to generate energy, in this case electricity.
Renewable energy is an energy resource such as wind power or solar energy that can keep producing indefinitely without being depleted.