Final Projects - MSCOPE '06-07

Through the year we formed groups of two to three interns from different disciplines to work on a particular project. Following are the accomplishments of the year 06-07.

Bridge It!

Developing team: Milena Tsvetkova, Keith Vanderlinde
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

Bridge It! is a hands-on exhibit that invites visitors to experience a design process and to explore the rules of structural engineering through the challenge of building a bridge. Visitors use a collapsible bridge deck, ropes and pieces of wood to build a bridge and test its strength with weights. more...
Bridge It: Report
Bridge It: Flip Book

Brain Benders

Developing team: Roscoe Nicholson, Mary Leighton, Melanie Hopkins
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

In this demonstration we introduce MSI's audience to how the brain receives and interprets information from the environment. When the human brain is presented with conflicting new information it finds efficient ways to sort out the discrepancies. We ask our audience to participate in a series of short experiments and experience how their own brain makes sense of such information. more...
Brain Benders: Report

Sink or Swim!

Developing team: Melanie Hopkins, Mary Leighton, Roscoe Nicholson
Coach: Panos Oikonomou

Sink or Swim teaches the principles of density and buoyancy through guided experimentation. Aimed at an 8-11 year old age group this activity takes a highly interactive approach. Children predict what will happen when different types/sets of objects are placed in a tank of water, carry out the experiment,then discuss with the facilitator more...
Sink or Swim: Report
Sink or Swim: Flip Book