Autumn Quarter '07

Introduction to museum practices and exhibit interpretation


I. Design and carry out an evaluation at MSI or Adler

Evaluation Project List
Evaluation Process Overview
Evaluation Project Assignment

    Alison, Mike:                        Heat from Sunlight Report:
    Thomaie, Melanie:               Wimhurst Machines Report
    Pam, Joy:                             Electricity from Sunlight Report
    Margo, Sarah, Nathan:        Multiwavelength Astronomy Report

II. Design a label for a SciTech exhibit

Develop, prototype & evaluate interpretive labels for SciTech exhibits
Interpretive label Assignment

Label Make-over:
    Joy, Thomaie, Pam:             Fiber Optics: Label-1
    Joy, Thomaie, Pam:             Density Games: Label-1
    Mike:                                    Hot Air Rises: Label-1
    Alison:                                  Air Canon: Label-1
    Melanie:                               Normal Distribution: Label-1
    Margo:                                 Moebius Strip: Label-1
    Sarah:                                  Low flow Shower: Label-1

View Pictures of SciTech Exhibits